Opulent Temple Camp Party / Fun-Raiser

Friday, April 30th: @ Sublounge

We’re going to nickel and dime our way through some BM fun-raisers until we can pull off a big under ground party.

Since we went into deep space with the last one, we’re gonna go into funky space for this one, with booty shakin’ house and funky funky breaks. Come hang out for this low cover, low stress venture. […]

Opulent Temple Camp Party / Fun-Raiser2022-06-17T23:53:29+00:00

Deep Space Travelling Recap

This picture says it all. Hands in the air, smiles, stoked dancers. Our first fun-raiser was a great success and we want to say thank you!!

I’m happy to report there really is a contingent of you out there still into quality, deep, uplifting non-cheesey progressive trance.
Jerry Bonham just completely electrified the dance floor with his set that was purely from his records […]

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Syd Gris

Syd Gris
link: www.opelproductions.com
The Dr. is in. It’s his party, so he gets to play
whatever he feels like.


Your music style in a few words:
I’m lucky enough to move in 2 worlds. In terms of Opel parties and the extended underground / Burner scene, you could say […]

Syd Gris2022-06-17T23:53:29+00:00

Dex Stakker


Dex Stakker
links: www.dexstakker.com

Dex brings stomping electrotech and an amazing use of vocabulary to the party

Your music style in a few words:

Riff driven (even when just beats), anthematic and pushy, often with
basslines that establish a rhythm that contrasts the percussion

Because […]

Dex Stakker2022-06-17T23:53:29+00:00


DJ Hoj

link: www.djhoj.com

The Persian Elvis, bringing forward-thinking dirty progressive and electro to a dance floor near you…

Your music style in a few words:
chunky, funky, and eclectic.

cause i’m chunky, funky, and eclectic.

Obligatory DJ questions: How long have you been […]




links: www.sistersf.com

Bringing all shades of infectious funk to the dancefloor…

Your music style in a few words:

Funky. I am not a genre snob- I do love my funky breaks and funky house-but I just love gritty funky music with dirty compressed basslines.

Why? […]

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