Heya SF & the area.

Hope you’re enjoying that September sun.

Count me as one of those San Franciscans tired of the city getting shat on by the national media. Some the city’s inaction deserves scrutiny, much is media hype fodder.  You know this.  The city’s incompetent HR dept seriously deserves a chunk of blame, btw … (My day job I work for the city so I live this daily)

But onto happier things.  SF is freaking RAD in October.  Let’s live the city to it’s full potential.  Check it below.

A few promised pics from the 9/9 night at Midway.  Check my set from Wednesday night at Burning Man? That’s HERE. Starts deep, gets ecstatic.  Check Rocktober!

Saturday, October 14th
Opel & Opulent Temple at the 24th Annual
 How Weird St Faire
@ 2nd & Howard

 More info

● 9 stages of world-class electronic music, with special headliners representing diverse styles.
● Art Alley, showcasing extreme creativity
● How Weird Marketplace, featuring unique goods
● An eclectic menu of food and drink offerings from food trucks and local restaurants
● Weirdness!

Friday - Oct 27 Dusk 2 Dawn Night 1
Saturday - Oct 27 Dusk 2 Dawn Night 2