DJ Hoj


The Persian Elvis, bringing forward-thinking dirty progressive and electro to a dance floor near you…

Your music style in a few words:
chunky, funky, and eclectic.

cause i’m chunky, funky, and eclectic.

Obligatory DJ questions: How long have you been DJ’ing?
somewhere between 7 and 8 years. it depends on whether you count the months with 2 discman’s and the ancient gemini mixer i got for $20.

What got you into the scene?
dance circles and housers baby. and my friend russell … he was the cool older kid
who took me to my first rave in 93 or 94. I think he’s a marine now … go figure.

What made you decide to come off the dance floor & get behind the decks?

I don’t remember actually deciding … I think it was inevitable.

Day job? What is it?
Creative Developer. Flash rules.

What keeps you motivated to keep going out there, getting new music, and DJ’ing?
I have no choice in the matter. I couldn’t imagine life without it.

Music influences, electronic and otherwise:
If I were to pick 2: The Rolling Stones & Miles Davis. If I were to pick 2 more:
Jerry Bonham and The Doors.

Favorite 12″ of all time?
Wowsers … I