Bringing all shades of infectious funk to the dancefloor…

Your music style in a few words:

Funky. I am not a genre snob- I do love my funky breaks and funky house-but I just love gritty funky music with dirty compressed basslines.

Because it makes me go UHHHH!

Obligatory DJ questions: How long have you been DJ’ing?
5 Years…

What got you into the scene?
My undying love of music…and my friend Brandin-she was that cool girl who always knew what was going on….

What made you decide to come off the dance floor & get behind the decks?

Music makes me feel a way nothing else in this world does. I have been a music fanatic my whole life. I can’t think of a better feeling than the high I get from the energy of a crowd of people dancing while sharing the sound that makes me jump up and down.

Day job? What is it?
I love my day job. I work with an extremely talented group of people at a Visual Effects company, Radium. I was the IT assistant for 3 years and then I made the natural transition to a sales/marketing/pr/webmaster position…at a smaller company you wind up wearing many a hat.

What keeps you motivated to keep going out there, getting new music,
and DJ’ing?

My pure addiction to music.

Music influences, electronic and otherwise:
Phish is my number one inspiration. Just their lack of boundaries musically is so inspirational-I could write a dissertation about how they’ve influenced me-but I’ll spare you. Prince, Groove Armada, Pink Floyd, Led Zep, Chem Brothers, Fluke, Widespread Panic, of course the Beatles, Fingerlickin Records-I can’t get enough of their stuff….how many pages do you want?

What DJ’s still make you want to go dance?
Charlotte the Baroness, M3, Mancub, Chris n’ Chris, and the Mayo Crew.

Favorite vice you’re willing to share:
Wine, Tabasco, and umm herbal tea, yea yea that’s it.

Tell us your top DJ moment to date:
It would have to be the first Mighty Breaks party this year with Sister vs. Space Cowboys. I can’t remember ever having a set like that. I just felt ….possessed…there was no thinking going on-just feeling-it was incredible.

Sweet or savory?

Abbey Road or Sgt. Peppers?

Abbey Road no question.

Tell us something most people don’t know about you.

I’m HUGE in Europe.

What are you waiting for?

Usually the N Judah.

Interests outside the scene:

Riding my bike through golden gate park…I lose my head in there, hiking, playing guitar, web design, music production, my kittycat.

Anything else you want us to know?

I’m a mentor with an organization called City of Dreams. This has changed my life this year and is one of the most fulfilling things I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of.