April 2007

  • The Promise of Religion

    The Promise of Religion: If Only it could Evolve with the Rest of Us (well… most of us…)

    By Syd Gris

    Easter Sunday made me think, as it often does, of my Christian faith, it’s promises and perils. I say ‘my’ Christian faith loosely. I don’t identify myself as a …


  • My New Age Pet Peeves

    My New Age Pet Peeves: My take on the bullshit involved in ‘You Create Your Own Reality’ and ‘Everything Happens for a Reason.’

    By Syd Gris

    If you know me or have taken anytime to read what I’m about and what Opel is about, you know I’m a huge proponent …


  • One Day This Hell Will All be Over

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    It should never have happened.
    But it did.
    Twice. The world will be better off when this
    pathetic misguided war mongerer is no longer
    our leader.


  • Opulent Temple’s Evocation

    Opulent Temple Presents…
    Evocation @ The Porn Palace
    Saturday, April 21st, 2007

    The Opulent Temple has shown up big for BRC going on 5 years in a row now with the most diverse line ups of world class talent the playa has ever seen. Tiesto, Stanton Warriors, Paul Oakenfold, …


  • US Government Ignorance & Arrogance

    Insider: Missteps soured Iraqis on U.S.


    NEW YORK – In a rueful reflection on what might have been, an Iraqi government insider details in 500 pages the U.S. occupation’s “shocking” mismanagement of his country …


  • Progressions in Dirty Music

    Opel presents
    Progressions in Dirty Music
    Saturday, April 14th, 2007


  • Ansuya in SF

    Opel presents
    Ansuya Student Salon & Show
    Sunday, April 8th
    Amazing show with Ansuya, bellydance Superstar as part of the Ansuya Comprehensive Program in San Francisco, California

    Sunday, April 8
    Canvas Gallery www.thecanvasgallery.com
    1200 Lincoln at 9th, San Francisco
    Presale $10 via www.ansuya.com or $15 at the door

    Doors open