Opel presents
Ansuya Student Salon & Show
Sunday, April 8th
Amazing show with Ansuya, bellydance Superstar as part of the Ansuya Comprehensive Program in San Francisco, California

Sunday, April 8
Canvas Gallery www.thecanvasgallery.com
1200 Lincoln at 9th, San Francisco
Presale $10 via www.ansuya.com or $15 at the door

Doors open at 7pm, show at 8:30 sharp
Space is limited, presales highly recommended


We are very honored to feature these very distinguished guest artists:



Just added guest artist Crystal Silmi, of Santa Cruz!

also featuring:

Dalila Jasmine
Dayna & Rana
Freyja & Jennifer Faust
Holly Gibson
Morgan Masri

and of course BELLYDANCE SUPERSTAR ANSUYA with Ozzie live on drums


KARIM NAGI is a native Egyptian who specializes in traditional Arabic music. He uses his traditional foundation to re-imagine the culture, discovering progressive deliveries and new concepts. Karim performs primarily Arabic, Turkish and Andalusian hand percussion, including the Egyptian Tabla (goblet drum), Riqq (tambourine), Duff (frame drum), and Segat (brass castanets). Karim has authored instructional CDs and DVDs including the first DVD resource on Riqq technique. Karim was a faculty member of the New England Conservatory of Music for 5 years. Karim leads the SHARQ Arabic Music Ensemble performing the classical Arabic instrumental and vocal repertoire. Karim travels the country presenting his education program called Arabic Music, Dance and Culture to school grades 2 up through the university level. Karim developed and currently performs Turbo Tabla : a music and dance show that combines traditional Arabic and Turkish music with modern Electronica and Techno. Turbo Tabla CDs are distributed internationally by Universal Records. Karim dances and teaches Dabka (Arabic Line Dance), leads the Zaitoun Dabka Troupe, and is the director of the Arab Dance Seminar, a travelling weekend of workshops for professional training in pan-Arab dance.


Hala has been dancing to the rhythms and melodies of the Middle East since she was a child in Alexandria, Egypt.
She has been praised for her authentic form, elegant style and immaculate rhythms. Captivating audiences with her passion and energy, Hala performs solo and with her troupe.

Hala has been teaching and performing her native dance all over the world since 1997. She currently teaches Middle Eastern dance through the Dance Dept at Stanford University. This is the very first time that Stanford endorses Middle Eastern dance as part of its dance curriculum!

The “Hala Dance Troupe” was selected from over 115 dance companies to represent Middle Eastern dance at the prestigious San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival in 2004. In 2005, she performed with master percussionist Hossam Ramzy in London, England and presented her native art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts
In celebration of the King Tut exhibit. In 2006, Hala opened Halanda Studio in San Jose where they offer classes in many international dance styles (Middle Eastern, Indian, Mexican, Argentinean, American & more) as well as dance parties, video shoots and more.

In addition to performing & teaching, Hala leads dance tours to Turkey & Egypt, and hosts dance workshops by Master Egyptian teachers. She will be hosting master Egyptian teacher & choreographer “Raqia Hassan” on April 21 & 22 in Redwood City. For more details, please visit www.HalaDance.com


Crystal Silmi is a bellydance fusion performer and instructor from Santa Cruz, California. She has studied a variety of styles of Middle Eastern dance, but her most notable influence is Master instructor Suhaila Salimpour. Crystal performs periodically with Bal Anat and the Suhaila Dance Company and also directs her own student troupe in Santa Cruz, RaksArabi. Visit www.crystalsilmi.com for performance and instruction infomation.


Allison currently studies, teaches and performs belly dance throughout San Francisco. With a background in dance and the performing arts – she continues to explore various forms of movement arts including Dance Theatre, Modern, Jazz and Ballet. She’s grateful for all of her instructors and offers special thanks to Jill Parker who has been her primary instructor for over two years.


Aviva has performed on the Santa Cruz belly dancing scene for the past 9 years. She has danced all of her life and brings her jazz, ballet and modern dance background to this beautifully feminine dance form. “Belly dancing is truly expressive of the goddess in each woman–aprivate meditation of beauty that can be shared with others.” A visual artist and university lecturer in mythological studies, Aviva also leads exciting study tours to Turkey. Check out her websites: www.adriennemomi.com and www.mythic-travel.com


Cat fell in love with the thriving Bay Area belly dance scene three years ago shortly after moving to California. Though she grew up studying ballet and modern in Maui, Hawaii, here she discovered a form that she resonated with for its demanding physicality, cultural diversity, and theatrical freedom. She started off studying tribal style belly dance with the fabulous Jill Parker but is currently excited to be getting her certification in cabaret style with Bellydance Superstar Ansuya. She has performed with small groups and is beginning to experiment as a solo performer. Currently she striving to complete a cultural dance related degree.


Ceana is a professional dancer and instructor as well as an Interior Designer. She has studied with local and international belly dance masters. Ceana performs professionally in troupes and as a soloist at restaurants,parties and festivals. She currently teaches in Santa Cruz and San Jose.


Dalila Jasmin has been Bellydancing for about 20 years, with a specialty in Cabaret, Latin Fusion, and sword dancing. My dance training has included Ballet, Afro-Haitian, West African, Hawaiian,Tahitian, Maori, Modern, Jazz, Flamenco, Samba, and Belly Dancing, and lately Bikram Yoga. For more info: www.dalilajasmin.com .


Dayna and Rana have been dancing together for over 10 years and have instruction in many styles from traditional cabaret to folkloric to tribal. We are currently members of the Kashmir Dance Company in Salt Lake City Utah. While our current troupe is primarily a tribal fusion group, we aspire to be versatile in all forms of the dance. We are very inspired by Ansuya and her grace and passion for the art of bellydance and are very humbled by the opportunity to be involved in the comprehensive and salons.

Jennifer Faust has been dancing all of her life beginning with 18 years of intensive ballet and jazz training. After seeing Ultra Gypsy’s first Undulation, she fell in love with the art form of bellydance and began training with Jill Parker. She was then asked to join the Suhaila Dance Company and Bal Anat and was a member of both companies from 2005-2006. She is currently pursuing her solo career and collaborationg with Freyja.


Freyja began her study of dance in early childhood. Her dance background includes ballet, jazz, hip hop, ballroom, salsa, club dancing, flamenco, Indonesian and Indian dance. She has developed her own unique style, drawing from many of these sources. Freyja fell in love with belly dance through her first teacher Ansuya, who inspired her to pursue this dance form whole heartedly. Over the years she has studied with many different teachers and being a life-long student, she continues to study seriously with Frederique and Suhaila Salimpur. She also continues to study with Ansuya whenever the opportunity arises. Freyja has performed all over the United States as well as Canada and Europe. She teaches regular classes in Oakland. For more information please visit www.freyjafusion.com


Holly Gibson came to dance late in life but with plenty of energy. She began her studies in 2000 with revolutionary bellydancer/director Jill Parker, and joined Parker’s esteemed company, Ultra Gypsy, in 2001. Holly was a principal dancer and choreographer in Ultra Gypsy until she left in 2006. She has also studied with Elizabeth Strong, Malia DeFelice, and Ansuya, among others. In her non-dance time she is a producer/editor at Current TV, where she gets to be creative using a completely different medium. She is currently focusing on her solo work as well as spreading her dance wings as a member of the newly-formed Damage Control Dance Company.


Morgan Masri started learning bellydance in 2004 under the direction of Delphina Masri, in Oklahoma City. Having no previous dance training, she was shocked at how well she took to the dance, and in the summer of that same year she became a principle dancer of NatanaSuta Bellydance Company. However the small community in Oklahoma City was not enough for her to really expand her art so in December of 2006, Morgan moved
to Berkeley, Ca. to study with some of the best in the industry. Morganwould describe her interpretation of the dance as pure fusion, finding something she likes in all genres of the dance.

Mina has been a student of dance and the theatre since childhood. Through her classical training and love of the dance, Mina has developed a unique style which combines classical dance styles with a variety of modern theatre styles. Her unique style and grace have charmed audiences throughout Northern California and can be seen performing though out the Bay area and Sacramento as well as from time to time out of the state either solo, or with her dynamic troupe Dalloua Dance Company. Please check check out her website www.dalloua.com or www.dallouadance.tribe.net for more information.

One disclaimer:  Gina G is featured on the flyer, but will not be performing, as she will instead dance in May on Mother’s Day when her mom will be here 🙂