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Opel & Mighty present: Croatia Squad

Friday, June 10th
Opel & Mighty present Croatia Squad
Hailing from Switzerland via Spain, but named for his influential early years DJ’ing in Croatia, he has spear headed a whole change of seas in house music that finds the indi-nudisco sound taking center stage in an infectious combination of deep house, electro stems, 80’s and 70’s sound vocabulary and re-mixes, and steady compulsory phat basslines.
His releases on […]

Opel & Mighty present: Croatia Squad2022-06-17T23:12:28+00:00

Opel Presents Deep Red – Steampunk City

Friday, June 3rd
Metallic gears, leather and lace, those red curtains and erotic art. Rope, skin, some sweat and loads of smiles.
TICKETS: http://opelproductions.electrostub.com/event.cfm?cart&id=166423
Our special event on the Upper Floor – Deep Red is back for another unique night in a unique setting to tickle your fancy. Erotic machinery with a Steampunk touch. Live bondage of hot men and women. We love this event.
With special guest:
:: KERRY […]

Opel Presents Deep Red – Steampunk City2022-06-17T23:12:28+00:00

Infected Mushroom CVII Animatronica Live Tour

Opulent Temple & Opel present:
Infected Mushroom – CVII Animatronica Live Tour
at The Midway
Tix now on Sale: http://themidwaysf.com/event.cfm?cart&id=161839
So after many absolutely epic moments with them at Opulent Temple on playa like this: https://www.facebook.com/OpulentTemple/videos/812487635515596/ ….
….We get to create some absolutely epic moments here in the city on May 7th, as Opulent Temple & Opel team up to bring you a full on Infected Mushroom live set on […]

Infected Mushroom CVII Animatronica Live Tour2022-06-17T23:12:28+00:00

Opel Presents Stanton Warriors @ Monarch

Friday, April 22nd
After having our favorite jack breakbeat boyz at one of our biggest shows (NYE at the Armory), we loved the idea of flipping the script and getting intimate, dark and dirty at Monarch.
TICKETS: http://ticketf.ly/1Qm0U55
A rare chance to catch them in such a setting, where low slung musical boundaries are sure to be pushed.
SYD GRIS (Opel / Opulent Temple)
KIMBA (Opel / […]

Opel Presents Stanton Warriors @ Monarch2022-06-17T23:12:28+00:00

Opel 14 Year Anniversary w The Crystal Method

Saturday, March 5th
Opel 14 Year Anniversary!
TICKETS: http://opelproductions.electrostub.com/event.cfm?cart&id=160878
How best to celebrate our next go around the sun than with one of the premiere electronic music acts ever? Yep, we thought it was a fabulous idea as well. Pretty much our favorite brand of mayhem with you quality conscious party people.

Syd Gris (Opel/Opulent Temple)
Kimba (Opel/Posion Promise)
Ben Seagren (Distrikt)
Javier Fabian(Robot […]

Opel 14 Year Anniversary w The Crystal Method2022-06-17T23:12:28+00:00

Double Down II – Extended Tag Set w Simon Shackleton & The Scumfrog

Saturday, February 20th
Opel presents:
Double Down II (The Sequel!): An Extended Tag with Simon Shackleton vs The Scumfrog
TICKETS: http://opelproductions.electrostub.com/event.cfm?cart&id=158887
We had a good feeling going into last year’s first of it’s kind extended tag set between these 2 artisans of good music and journeyman of providing a leading edge dance floor experience. And, we were right. It was epic actually, as they do […]

Double Down II – Extended Tag Set w Simon Shackleton & The Scumfrog2022-06-17T23:12:28+00:00

Opel Presents WUKI (Punks, Denver)

Saturday, January 23rd
Opel presents: WUKI (Punks, Denver)
TICKETS: http://opelproductions.electrostub.com/event.cfm?cart&id=158706
Wuki is the hottest and freshest name in the broken beat music scene right now, repeatedly cited by the biggest names in break beat as the guy who is making the most dynamic and boundary pushing music right now in this genre.
Influenced by the sounds of Detroit ghettotech and Chicago footwork scenes, Wuki’s ability […]

Opel Presents WUKI (Punks, Denver)2022-06-17T23:12:28+00:00

New Bohemia NYE 2016

Vau de Vire & Opel Productions
present the 3rd Annual
New Bohemia NYE 2016
…step back into a world like no other
in association with Distrikt, Opulent Temple, Dusty Rhino & Kink.com
**Tickets Now on Sale : http://newbohemianye.com/tickets/  **
Music on 4 stages with
Punks Music, UK
:: THE SCUMFROG – Special All Night Set, start to finish, on the Upper Floor VIP
Knee Deep in Sound, NYC
:: MEAT […]

New Bohemia NYE 20162022-06-17T23:12:28+00:00

Phantasm – Halloween at the Armory

Saturday, October 31st : Halloween Night at the San Francisco Armory


From the darkest corners of the depths of the Armory, to the heights of long abandoned cobweb filled turrets, there is an awakening of anticipation for a new venture on All Hallow’s Eve.

From the production minds behind Opel and Vau de Vire Society, fun creators that have also brought you […]

Phantasm – Halloween at the Armory2022-06-17T23:12:28+00:00

Opel's Gemini Bash with Sydney Blu & Syd's Birthday! ~ 6/5/15

Friday June 5th, 2015 at Mighty SF
Photos by Mark Sandstorm -> HERE
Join Opel in celebrating all our favorite Gemini’s
Including Syd Gris’ Birthday!!
Sydney Blu
Syd Gris
Left / Right
Matt Kramer
DJ Brian Williams
and more details TBA

Opel's Gemini Bash with Sydney Blu & Syd's Birthday! ~ 6/5/152022-06-17T23:12:29+00:00
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