Saturday, October 31st : Halloween Night at the San Francisco Armory


From the darkest corners of the depths of the Armory, to the heights of long abandoned cobweb filled turrets, there is an awakening of anticipation for a new venture on All Hallow’s Eve.

From the production minds behind Opel and Vau de Vire Society, fun creators that have also brought you such stellar and forward thinking fun offering such as New Bohemia NYE, Opulent Temple, Edwardian Ball, Masquerotica, Hell in the Armory, Night of the Living Bass, the Soiled Dove so much more – comes a new offering on San Francisco’s favorite holiday in the perfect venue for it…

Opel & Vau de Vire
PHANTASM: A Karnival of Mischief

Step into a midway of careening colors and karni oddiities, surrounded by big beats and dangerous performers where you’re not quite sure where the audience ends and the show begins. The haunted halls of the Armory will come alive on Halloween as we co-write the next chapter in epic spooky avant garde gatherings.

** Full line up coming soon from special guests and all your favorite crews represented.

You and all your friends will help stir the spirits in 2 large stages in the Drill Court and a higher level of debaucherous options on the Upper Floor, for those wanting the VIP level of kink laced Halloween faire.

** Big art, immersive twisted and mischievious environments to be explored and discovered.

Plenty of bars, private seating options, new bathrooms and coat check area.

The Armory
Corner of Mission st and 14th in the heart of SF
Enter on 14th st side for General, Mission St side for VIP
21+ only – must have ID

contact us with questions or to volunteer: