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  • Opulent Temple’s Inside the Psyche of a Freak ~ Saturday, June 11th

    Saturday, June 11th
    Opulent Temple camp party:
    Inside the Psyche of a Freak!

    What does go on in that delightfully off base, non-conformist, shiny color sporting, mind adventuring, dance your ass shakin psyche of yours? What delightful elements of consciousness make you the benign freak that you are? Let’s …


  • The Opulent Temple

    The Opulent Temple :: the desert version of the Opel project.

    The Opulent Temple is a San Francisco based Large Scale Sound and Art camp preparing for it’s 6th year on the playa. It was co-founded and is still organized by Opel founder Syd Gris. The mission of the …


  • The 7th Day: Memorial Day Weekend

    Sunday, May 29th
    Spundae and Opel present:
    The 7th Day w/
    Gabriel and Dresden

    Gabriel and Dresden are a production and DJ duo that have been sky rocketing the last 2 years. Their tracks have been on the ‘A’ list of the world’s top DJ’s and they’ve been travelling the …


  • Opulent Temple’s Funky Dust ~ Friday, May 27th

    Friday, May 27th
    Opel recommends:
    Opulent Temple presents:
    Funky Dust!

    Another key step will be taken into the Psyche as the Opulent Temple of Venus, a Burning Man camp, hosts an underground fundraiser for the funky and the dusty.
    2 rooms of playa inspired beats!
    Funky Beats with
    Ethan Miller


  • N:Fuse :: Saturday, May 14th

    Saturday, May 14th @ Paradise Lounge
    N:Fuse w/ D:Fuse !

    Our flagship party, N:Fuse, comes around again just in time to celebrate the long awaited coming of spring and all that comes with it. The theme is The Rites of Spring will be a celebration of growth, life, blossoming, abundance, …


  • More Good Cheer!

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    Earth To Humankind: Back Off
    Say good-bye to your car, computer, everything. We are burning up the planet too fast to hang on
    – By Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist

    Wednesday, April 13, 2005
    The Earth is going down. Way, way down. To the mat, hard and painful and with …


  • Opulent Temple’s Across the Desert Sands – Saturday, April 23rd

    The Opulent Temple presents
    Across the Desert Sands –

    Beautiful camps at Burning Man take shape one party at a time, with the support of the community in gatherings of shared fun, joy, and celebration.

    On Saturday, April 23rd, the Opulent Temple takes the next step into the psyche with …


  • Fuck Taxes! ~ Saturday, April 16th

    Saturday, April 16th : Opel presents Fuck Taxes!

    Our intermittent low stress, low cover joint of a gathering of friends to dance, chill, and relish in good times! You also just paid your taxes so we can spend millions on our global oil conquest and missle defense systems, so this …