We think that lived up to the goal of being one of the great ones…

It had that special vibe in the air and there was TONS of love in the room. Thanks to you, all of you, and everybody that came out. For an anniversary event, we really wanted to make a statement and kick some major ass at the same time. With your help, we think we did. What do you think? Feel free to give us some feedback HERE.

As she does, Julia Butterfly Hill got it and seized the moment (sans microphone – sorry!). The crowd was really diverse, with old heads and new converts. Special thanks to those who dressed up – you know who you are!

The place looked beautiful thanks to our awesome volunteers – A public and special thanks to Gina (Co-Founder and WMP), Annette and Mikey for being there every step of the way all weekend, Kelly for being integral in helping us get to where we are today, decorators Michael, Ken, Joe, Hassad, Julie and Robin for the awesome chill space, Scott and Eunice for the beautiful red room, Nathan, Emily, Adam, Sierra, Roxanne, Erin, and Orange + Chris Sia, Lucia, Carl, Jamie Luv, and Sean V. of Infinite Kaos for performing, Rich, Kurt, Marty for the DJ booth and sound help, Bruce @ JK, Greg and Steve @ On the Fly Films, Mark for keeping the whole engine running and documenting it all simultaneously, James and Geeno at the door, Gabriel for coming out of nowhere to help us clean up + Chris and Mike from Hybrid and all the DJ’s that rocked it, and if I’m forgetting anybody sorry!

As you can see a lot of people helped make the party happen, and a lot of DJ’s and promoters as diverse as Spundae, Anon Salon, Raise the Frequency, Brass Tax and Goldilox, Laird, Back to Basics, Sacred Spa, SF Station, GAIA Institute, Triple Power, Nitevibe,and others helped us spread the word. A true community effort.

We recognize and we appreciate. As has been said and will said again, we can put all the things in place for an incredible evening, but without you it would not launch. Thanks for helping us SOAR!

With your continued support, we promise to keep bringing the good stuff.