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Saturday, March 5th

Infuse: the Divine Mirror
w/ Hybrid

3 years ago Opel was born with the intention of fusing the lessons of the underground – community building, inspiring connection, intentional, sacred dance, and providing a platform for multiple artistic expressions with the fruits of the overground: cutting edge world class DJ’s, modern and loaded sound systems, and an ability to reach a greater audience than the ones who already ‘get it.’ Add a need for social activism in dark times and you have Opel.

For only turning 3, we have accomplished a lot of the original goals and then some, from building community, to raising money for both local and international causes, to supporting Burning Man art projects, to using dance events as a forum for raising consciousness, and to just rocking the house.

To celebrate the past and future, we have put together a special anniversary event that brings together some of the best elements of what we have to offer.

The Divine Mirror is us. When we see things as they are, we see the Divinity reflected within us. The infinite space of emptiness and form co-existing side by side. This party will spread that message, through music, dance, visuals, ceremony, art, and YOU, the fine party people who collectively make it happen.

Come celebrate this special occassion with world class and local talent. UK based breaks producers and DJs Hybrid tore it up this past year at Burning Man with epic sets at both the Opulent Temple and at Lush. Michele Bass is coming up from LA to bring you her name sake (BASS!), and your local heroes include West Coast progressive legend Jerry Bonham and supporting cast who will be bringing their A game! Come take part in an event infused with an effort to do it’s small part to make the world a better place while throwing a kick ass party at the same time.

Please arrive in time to participate in a special midnight ceremony with Julia Butterfly Hill. Julia is an activist in spiritually based social change projects. She got her start doing a now famous and unprecedented 2 year tree sit atop Luna, an ancient redwood marked for cutting. Her efforts brought world wide attention to the unheeded environmental devastation happening at the time, and helped spark movements to stop it. We are honored to once again have her as a guest.

Pre-sales will start at $15 HERE. Because of the more intense production to give everybody an amazing experience, there is only a limited number available before going up to $18.

Please help us spread the word about this special event as we bring it all together to infuse the world with some needed doses of consciousness!