Heeeeyyy – Too long no talk! We were in a playa mudhole, errr, rabbit hole! Now that we’re out, we need to make sure you saw that our Friday headliner of Halloween weekend was announced.


Hello there Quality Fun Seekers,

Hope you’re fab.  If you came to our night of breakbeat revival Friday at Public Works, we thank you!  See the pics care of Mark Sandstorm HERE

I’m playing this Free party on Sunday […]


So ya Saturday, Fun by Music, Fun with Friends.  Seize the damn day.

This past weekend I learned about how life is empty and meaningless, and it’s empty and meaningless that it’s empty and meaningless.  You heard that story?

Thoreau for more reasons to carpe diem – “The […]



If you haven’t attended a Deep Red event yet, we promise it’s one you won’t want to miss… On Saturday 2.11, we’re transforming a private space in SF into a safe and sensual party environment for all to […]


Hello Friends and Party People,

Happy New Year on the real. If you joined us at New Bohemia, we thank you!  Here’s a sweet album of pics on the night, care of Sam K photography.  Whatever you did, hope your year is off to a […]



Hello Good People’s,

Let’s first say congrats to the Reverend! Warnock of course. (Can we tell Joe Manchin to F off now?). Did you do the Lensa app thing?  It’s self indulgent narcissism yes, but I had fun with it. (Sample below). Let’s all […]



Hey Party People,

Hope you’re enjoying Rocktober. We are. But –  ‘The best is yet to come.’ 🎃

You know what that means. A hallmark of our sometimes beloved city (and yes, sometimes not), is it’s music, culture, and the quality party people (you) that support it. […]



Hello 2 U,

We got Weird together last weekend, and it was so good. Opel is gearing up for 3 mega nights of Halloween action 🎃, but if you want to dance in the streets some more at the Decom-esque ‘Block Rock City’ on Saturday with […]



Hello Friends & Neighbors,

How’s your balance between surrender and manifesting?  That’s a tricky one! There’s certainly a time and a place for both.

Speaking of deep thoughts, If you didn’t catch it last week, I chatted with the podcast Noble Warrior. Was a great convo! 


The Mission of Opel deja vu

In going through the archives for this new site, we across this write up from 2006, just 4 years into what is now a 20 year run.  We muse on how relevant this write up from 16 years ago still is.


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