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Hey Party People,

Hope you’re enjoying Rocktober. We are. But –  ‘The best is yet to come.’ 🎃

You know what that means. A hallmark of our sometimes beloved city (and yes, sometimes not), is it’s music, culture, and the quality party people (you) that support it. Friendly, creative and real, our scene shines extra bright on Halloween weekend, when we get to embrace different sides to […]



Hello 2 U,

We got Weird together last weekend, and it was so good. Opel is gearing up for 3 mega nights of Halloween action 🎃, but if you want to dance in the streets some more at the Decom-esque ‘Block Rock City’ on Saturday with all kinds of crews bringing their vibes and talents.  Check out Opulent Temple’s sites. Lez do it.



Hello Friends & Neighbors,

How’s your balance between surrender and manifesting?  That’s a tricky one! There’s certainly a time and a place for both.

Speaking of deep thoughts, If you didn’t catch it last week, I chatted with the podcast Noble Warrior. Was a great convo! Check it on You Tube if you’re curious.

On another note – A member of our community, Melinda Koutouzov, and wife to frequent […]


The Mission of Opel deja vu

In going through the archives for this new site, we across this write up from 2006, just 4 years into what is now a 20 year run.  We muse on how relevant this write up from 16 years ago still is.


The Mission of Opel revisited […]
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Hello Friends and Party People,

How are your spirits?  I’ve been asking myself, Is the World Really Falling Apart, or Does It Just Feel That Way? And then I swear this article had my thought verbatim as the headline. Might be worth your time.

Captain Obvious says given the current state of the world, self care is paramount. Part of self care has to be […]



We know that you know all about Hot Since 82 headlining our most special event, like ever! But that’s not all that’s happening. We welcome back long friend and super talented producer and DJ


Hello Friends and Party People,

How you living?  Not feeling patriotic going into July 4 weekend, but props to the bravery of Cassidy Hutchinson.  Let’s hope it matters.

Kaskade, Hot Since 82 and Diplo.  Those are some big names!  Let’s revive our spirits in music and community shall we?

This Saturday, July 2nd: You in town this weekend? We have your fun factor.  Opel is hosting the […]



Hello my Fellow Californians (Thanks Goddess),

We were really excited to share this new site with you, then the Supreme Court dropped it’s theocracy on us all, putting the spotlight on the fucking liars like Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, Barrett, and Alioto who said Roe was the settled law of the land. It’s sickening, and it’s about (IMO) Christian patriarchy control.
“If this was about babies, there would be […]

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