Saturday, May 9th
Photos from Deep Red -> Misha & Ivan , Much Thump
Spring is in the air and that special awakened tickle that comes with it. To celebrate, we’re bringing back our favorite spicy private party on the Upper Floor of the Armory. It feels like a house party with a fat sound system and stocked bars, with kinky deco and an array of colorful dressed up party people.
Both Deep Red parties we’ve done have sold out and hit the sweet spot of music and vibe, we expect the same again! Once again we ask you to dress it up for this one so get your creative threads to match the theme of Spring Awakening with your edgy urban kinky twist. Deep greens, red velvets, black touches, corsets, lace, leather, pleather, vinyl, lingerie, steampunk, and the like. We know that you know what to do. ; )
Full bar and dance floor offerings. Certainly playful, but *not* a play party. A totally safe environment for you conscious party people and a hand picked invite list. As always – keep it classy, but as skirting the edge in this edgy environ as you wish.
Playful, groovy, sexy deep house and nu-disco courtesy of:
* Syd Gris (Opel Productions/ Opulent Temple)

* Kimba Rose (Opel Productions / Poison Promise)
*Clark Hamon (Dusty Rhino)
* Rachel Torro (Public Works, Morning Gloryville)

*Redstickman (Ambient Mafia)
Live Bondage Demos and Eye Candy by talent
Entry without a pre-sale only if you’re accompanied by someone who does, or you’ve contacted us beforehand, or we otherwise know you. (ie – no randoms will be allowed in, please plan ahead and tell your friends to do the same)
Erotic tinged performances throughout the night. Light bondage demos, curious performance, slightly drunken piano players and other characters in action who dwell on the bohemian fringes of the 4th Floor.
Pics from the last Deep Red:
**Access to the 4th Floor is stairs only. No elevators.**
Looking forward to one of those only in SF gatherings we co-create together.