G.A.B.A. M.O.O.D. – 07/30/04

It’s that time again. Time to take the trip. The trip that only exists in those rare nooks and crannies of what is now being called GABA MOOD trance, aka ‘good trance’.

It’s the trance that walks that line between the depth and the melody, the power and the pretty, the uplifting and the downright groovy.

Progressive trance the likes of which you might hear some of the great DJ’s of the world throw down, but without the hassle and over bloated cover of the big clubs. A sound that no one else is offering in our fair town dominated by house and breaks. We love that too, but want to offer something different, something you won’t find anywhere else. Bringing it like really only Opel can do. No crap, no cheese, no over done anthems, just the good stuff…

As the flyer says: the Vibe is paramount. Nothing less than peak experience will do. Good trance, you know you want it.

w/ DJ’s:


Dragn’fly (Love
Scott Carrelli

Scott Carrelli (Qool
/ Satellite)
Syd Gris

Syd Gris (Opel
/ Infuse)
  Faux Q
Faux Q (Platform)

Nathan Vain

Nathan Vain (Opulent Temple)


This most excellent party will happen at Mighty, 119 Utah @ 15th in SF
only $5 before 11:00pm, only $10 after.