Opulent Temple fundraiser

w/ Jerry Bonham @ Mighty

April 3rd – Opulent Temple Fundraiser @ Mighty

Our next Opel event is designed to hit you in all the right places. First off, it’s a 100% benefit to help us bring the Opulent Temple back to the playa this year, more beautiful, more epic music, more good times. Sacred dance under the vault of heaven is the mission. We are working on some very exciting bidness let me tell you!!! Think dream team like only Opel can bring….

We are also continuing to keep things fresh by checking out a great new party space called Mighty. It’s like an underground space way off the beaten path, but with the old Club Townsend sound system lovingly restored by Greg and Jake of Ultramagnetic in a place half the size. Think Boomin’. There’s also rotating art works, lounge space and cool deco. Remember when I said, “Hey, you have to check out the new Paradise Lounge, it’s nice.” And then you came to the 2 year and you said, “Dude! Syd that place was nice.” Same idea. You’ll dig it.

Lastly, we are doing a different kind of music than you normally hear from your average house, progressive, or break beat party. In keeping with the theme of BM this year, we’re going for deep space here, That means the kind of quality progressive trance you rarely hear anymore. We’re not talking about the cheesey shit you hear on 92.7 or an all age rave or God forbid a George Acosta set, we’re talking Sasha at 3:00 in the morning, Armin Van Burren when he’s feeling gritty and darker, music with depth that doesn’t bore, music with melody without being cheesey. Music that takes you somewhere, on a ride, through inner space.

That sound peaked in the late 90’s and is kept alive in it’s modern and best form in only a few. Jerry Bonham was at the crest of the peak of the quality progressive trance sound in those days, and he’s dusting off those records for a rare set of this kind for him. Supporting cast will be taking their own variations on the idea. We know there’s a closet trance fan in most of you, scared to come out because the music of that thin but tasty slice is very hard to find at a party you would actually want to go to.

So please come out and support the Opulent Temple! Click on the flyer logo to see the full flyer, or continue reading for more details.

w/ DJ’s…


Dragn’fly (Epiphany / Teknique)


Brian Checkoway

Brian Checkoway (Fogdin)


Jerry Bonham

Jerry Bonham (SAW Recordings / Looq)


Syd Gris

Syd Gris (Opel / Infuse)


John Schiffer

John Schiffer (UBT / Lost Tribe)



Click for pics from this party

This picture says it all. Hands in the air, smiles, stoked dancers. Our first fun-raiser was a great success and we want to say thank you!!

I’m happy to report there really is a contingent of you out there still into quality, deep, uplifting non-cheesey progressive trance.
Jerry Bonham just completely electrified the dance floor with his set that was purely from his records of 96-98.

Classics you knew and classics that you didn’t know that you knew until you heard them again. It was a great night and got us off to a healthy start for the Opulent Temple to become reality.

Special thanks to all the DJ’s who donated their time: John Schiffer, Brian Checkoway, and Dragn’fly as well. Also a very special thanks to CaroLuna for her beautiful aria performance.

We’ll find an excuse to show case that kind of music again, but in the mean
time please check out our
next fun-raiser
on April 30th at Sublounge.

Click for clubbing pictures from the Opulent Temple Fundraiser
click for pictures from the Opulent Temple Fundraiser