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You can get pre-sale tickets to Night
of the Living
with no service charge by mail, at BPM Records,
or with Syd in person. To purchase through mail, simply send a check for the amount
of tickets you want ($15 each). Please leave the Pay
to the Order
line blank, we’ll fill it in
here. Mail to Opel, 2239
Green, SF CA 94123. Your tickets will be mailed back to you unless you wait too
last minute and then we’ll hold them at the door for you. Please be sure and include
an e mail address, and return mail address with your order so we can get in touch
with you.

Syd will be at 111 Minna most every Wednesday for the Qool happy hour from now
until the event selling $15 tickets, so hit him up in person for the direct connect.
If you don’t know who Syd is, ask the cashier to point him out. He’s the tall
dude. If you don’t want to go in but just want to meet outside, e mail to set

You may have noticed, all Opel
events happen with the help of many super stylin’ volunteers who
want to make the party happen, meet other nice people, or maybe they just want
to drink for free all night. Either way we are happy to have them, and they are
essential for a smooth and fun event.

As an Opel special event,
we need lots of help to transform Danzhaus into a proper Halloween environment
freak fest. You get in for free, receive some drink tickets, and those that help
with clean up are able to have a guest list. Please get involved! It’s fun and
rewarding to see hundreds enjoy something you helped create. There are 3 options
if you want to help. You are of course welcome to do more than one.

  1. Help us with set up. This will be a big production which will
    occur Thursday night, October 30th, from 7:00pm on. It will take a few
    hours and we hope to finish completely so we have little stress on Friday.
    This provides a lot of room for you to flex your creative muscles, and
    add something unique to the environment. We also need help with the
    Day of the Dead Alter so if that’s your forte’, please feel free to
  2. Help us during the party. Take a 2 hour shift helping at the
    door with will call, or bartending, or selling water and Red Bull at
    a table, or other random things that happen behind the scenes.
  3. Help us after the party. What goes up must come down, and at
    5:00am + in the morning it hurts. If you can help us with clean up,
    you are bomb and we love you. You are also able to put 2 people on the
    guest list. They will love you too.

For any of these, or if you have questions, write

Other stuff we want you to know

It’s an underground party on a Halloween Friday night in San Francisco.
If this doesn’t motivate you to sport a costume we don’t
know what will.

Halloween is a chance to play with your alter-ego or other characters
of the subconscious. We invite everyone to have fun with it and play
it up. It’s a safe place to be a freak. Costumes not required, just
strongly requested, HOWEVER, if you show up with no
pre-sale (and there’s room in the party), in no costume, cover
will be more expensive. You’ve been

We will do our best to keep the temperature down, but
it does get hot
with all those sweaty dancing bodies. Big hot costumes, or ones that include
a lot of make up that will run are not recommended. We suggest the skimpy
and the sexy

There will
be a Day of the Dead Alter to commemorate those we have lost
and things that have passed. Please bring a small momento for the alter you
can retrieve when you leave.


There is no entrance
to the party between 12M and 2am
. We hope everyone can make it before
12M, so we can shut the doors and do it to it. Pre-sale guarantees entrance
after 2:00am as well, but if you show up after 2:00am with no pre-sale and we
are full you will sadly be turned away. If you need special arrangements, write:

There’s an OPEN
Bar from 9:00pm – 10:30pm
so get there early for the most economical
party experience.

party will completely go off, we’re stoked, thanks for being stoked with us!

pictures from this night can be found here and here