September 2011

  • Saturday : September 24th :: Lovevolution After Party

    Saturday, October 29th
    Opel Lovevolution After Party :: Love (Still) Rules with JELO

    The Love is Coming !

    Lovevolution is back, and as always, as from the first days Love came to SF in 2004, Opel is in the mix.
    How can we not be? This event is so much …


  • Friday, September 23rd : Official Lovevolution Pre-Party

    Friday, September 23rd :: Official Lovevolution Pre-Party
    ‘Foreplay’ w Hedflux (UK)

    It’s like, Official !

    We’re kicking off Love weekend with an uber hot producer bringing some of the freshest breaks in the scene right now.

    HEDFLUX (Broken Robot Recorings, Lot 49, U&A Recordings / UK)
    Tickets on sale for …