Saturday, October 29th
Opel Lovevolution After Party :: Love (Still) Rules with JELO

The Love is Coming !
Lovevolution is back, and as always, as from the first days Love came to SF in 2004, Opel is in the mix.
How can we not be? This event is so much more than just about 8 hours of dancing outside. The entire youth and dance music culture has grown in the last few years in the States to a level possibly never seen before. We’re at the cusp of taking our awesome community to a higher level of infusion into pop culture in ways that can only benefit our collective values. The event exists to spread a message of peace, justice, unity, respect, and of course Love. What other large event is so focused on that intention? Not many, not enough. Certainly dance music culture with it’s history of PLUR is best suited to carry that. But we’re being pushed back on and challenged in our right to peacefully assemble and dance. This event is a vehicle for the movement to stand up and be counted and show the skeptics we can get 30, 40, 50+ thousand people together in the shared beat of that universal vibe and have a problem free, and fun filled day and night. Standing up to be counted in this community is a great feeling and one of my favorite parts of the event.
So it is.
Opel will go big in the day with our float shared with our playa homies Opulent Temple.
By night we’re keeping it a family affair, with an intimate joint at Project One, with very special guest JELO.
$10 cover