August 2007

  • Why We Do It

    Why We Do It :: Why we put so much effort into one week in the desert.

    by Syd Gris

    It has come up as a frequent topic of conversation. The country has slowly descended into a subtle police state run by morally corrupt gangsters. They are highly effective at …


  • Syd Gris & Alain Octavo Special 7 hour set

    Syd Gris & Alain @ Ruby Skye
    August 18, 2007

    Alain Octavo & Syd Gris take over Ruby Skye for a special night of forward thinking dance music from these 2 prominent taste makers and fun creators. Between the two of them they…


  • Sensuelle : August 4th

    The Kama Sutra of Sensuelle
    Saturday, August 4th @ the Porn Palace

    For the past 2 years Sensuelle has become one of our most anticipated events, with a nice departure from the party norm. This year we spice it up even more by collaborating with our quality friends at Kinky