January 2007

  • Musings on the scene in 2K7

    Some thoughts, predictions, and musings on the scene in 2007

    by Syd Gris

    It’s typical to read musings from pundits and wanna be experts in a given genre of pop culture in the new year. Whether it be sports, politics, art, or science, it’s a fun mental masturbatory exercise to …


  • Man Burns Himself Alive – No one hears about it

    Mission Statement / Suicide Note of Malachi Ritscher

    mission statement
    My actions should be self-explanatory, and since in our self-obsessed culture words seldom match the deed, writing a mission statement would seem questionable. So judge me by my actions. Maybe some will be scared enough to wake from their walking …


  • Ansuya in San Francisco January

    Opel presents the return of Ansuya Comprehensive and Belly Dance show!

    ~~~~~Ansuya’s Student Style Salon & Showcase Sunday, Jan 14~~~~~~~~~
    Come and see this monthly show where students of the Ansuya Comprehensive strut their stuff as they perform solos for you, their friends and family to hone their professional performing …


  • Unfiltered Breaks ~ Saturday, January 13th

    Opel presents a new joint: Unfiltered Breaks

    Saturday, January 13th
    God knows San Francisco loves its breaks. It has dominated the sounds of the underground and the desert for the last few years. We have always tried to mix it up so your ears don’t get stale, but of course, …