Opel presents a new joint: Unfiltered Breaks

Saturday, January 13th
God knows San Francisco loves its breaks. It has dominated the sounds of the underground and the desert for the last few years. We have always tried to mix it up so your ears don’t get stale, but of course, we love our quality breaks as well. This is a new party to show case Opel’s take on the best in breaks. A special focus on tech funk, but also of course funky and the general nu skool umbrella.
With Opel residents Syd Gris & Melyss,
joined by a special guest breaks expert who buys for Reverb Records and uber talented dj…
Icon (djicon.com / Reverb)
also with
Dulce Vita (Opulent Temple)
$5 cover all night. 2 for 1 before 11:00pm!
At Shine: 1337 Mission at 9th-10th. 10pm-2am.