August 2006

  • Syd Barrett : R.I.P.

    You shone like the sun
    Syd Barrett was the prodigiously talented founder of Pink Floyd, but after just two years at the centre of the 60s psychedelic scene, he suffered a massive breakdown and has lived as a recluse ever since. In this extract from his candid new book, Tim …


  • Essential viewing and reading of the Moment

    Please take a look at this and share what you learn and think with others.

    Yes, it’s true, you really gotta go see An Inconvenient Truth. It’s everything you’ve heard it is, and a must see for every patriot.

    If you haven’t watched the Loose Change documentary on questions …


  • Sensuelle : August 5th

    The return of Sensuelle…
    in association with One Taste Urban Retreat Center and Spiral Muse.

    Last year Sensuelle was one of our most memorable parties, with a carnival atmophere of sights and sounds. This year we’re building on this special event to continue to push the boundaries of the …