The return of Sensuelle…
in association with One Taste Urban Retreat Center and Spiral Muse.

Last year Sensuelle was one of our most memorable parties, with a carnival atmophere of sights and sounds. This year we’re building on this special event to continue to push the boundaries of the kinds of parties we want to create by teaming up with a cutting edge sensual community at the One Taste Urban Retreat Center and the ladies from Spiral Muse.
In this case, that’s a celebration of the feminine, the sensual, the sacred, the soft, the goddess, with a little benign naughtiness thrown in for spice. This Opel special event will take some extra steps to ensure the kind of vibe and space we want to create, and we hope you’ll come along for the ride. We want to create a dance event with a broader, safer range of self expression, performance art, music, and connection. This is a celebration of delight and mirth, of the flavors of the sensual that only women can fully embody. So…. to create this space we’re encouraging of course all women to come celebrate with us, and men to come along with a woman to ensure the right kind of ratio we’d like. We don’t want to exclude anybody! Gay male couples welcome. Single men arriving without a pre-sale ticket or a female escort need to get on the ‘cool dude’ list simply by e mailing
This is NOT a play party, sex party, fetish / bondage event. Consider it purely spicy vanilla….

Music by:
Laird (Get Yer Freak On)
Syd Gris (Opel / Opulent Temple)
Hoj (Opel /
Melyss (Opel / Cheeky / Sister SF)
Kepi & Kat (Sound of Mind)
Donna Matrix (Panda Rejects / Troubled Youth)
Viajay (Angels of bAss / FnF)
Primitive Groove (The Community)

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Adornments and performance will include
~Midnight ceremony by One Taste & Spiral Muse
~Sensual belly dance performance by Tanja Odzak & Kristin McClanahan of L’Anonyme Collective
~Erotic performance art by Bast
~Titillating visuals
~Healing Pavillion by Spiral Muse
~Aphrodisiac drinks and food by One Taste
~The special features of the venue that include a mock prison cell, stables, chill area, lounge, and lots of dark corners…
The Porn Palace
415 Jessie St. @ 6th (right scross the street from Mezzanine)
Saturday, August 5th
Doors closed for midnight ceremony, 12M-12:30
Limited $10 pre-sales are sold out. On line pre-sales still available until 6pm Saturday for $12.76 HERE (With on line service charge =’s $15.00, so same price as before 12M price. This party will sell out, so pre-sale guarantees entrance.
$15 at the door before midnight
$20 after
If you’re a single man without a female escort or a pre-sale ticket and want to come, if you don’t look like a meat head or a gawker, and you’re not obviously intoxicated, you can probably get in if we’re not sold out and you’re nice.
Questions about this event? e mail: