October 2005

  • More potential calamity to contemplate

    The Other Hurricane: Has the Age of Chaos Begun?

    From: http://www.commondreams.org/views05/1007-20.htm
    Published on Friday, October 7, 2005 by TomDispatch.com
    The Other Hurricane: Has the Age of Chaos Begun?
    by Mike Davis
    The genesis of two category-five hurricanes (Katrina and Rita) in a row over the Gulf of Mexico is an …


  • Halloween Weekend w/ Opel: Saturday, October 29th

    Saturday, October 29th
    The annual Halloween Opel bash returns to celebrate the Living before the Day of the Dead!
    w/ Meat Katie & Lorin

    The party Gods are with us on this one (or is it the party demons…) We had planned on rocking the …


  • Halloween Weekend w/ Opel: Friday, October 28th

    Friday, October 28th: Tramps and Beat Freaks!

    Bringing a double dose of Halloween ghoulish fun, Laird and Get Yer Freak On join Syd and Opel for a naughty costume party for Tramps and Beat Freaks.

    With house and breaks coming at you in 2 rooms at …


  • A Loving Thanks


    As expected, San Francisco showed up for Love Parade in every way. The floats were beautiful and the scale was grander, the people were colorful and the weather was perfect. Somewhere around 70,000 came out and enjoyed the beats and all the day had to offer. Well done!

    The …


  • Opulent Temple & House of Lotus Recompression

    Sunday, October 9th
    Opulent Temple & House of Lotus Recompression: A Meeting of the Corners!

    You’ve heated the street at Decompression, now let’s take into the night just a block away at Sublounge, for our annual after party. 2 rooms of house, breaks, and progressive with the OT, HOL and …