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  • New Years Eve 2005

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    On the biggest party night of the year, come party with us!
    Infuse: NYE

    New Years Eve can be the over top controlled mayhem of the higest fun, or it can be a big let down. Opel’s Infuse is on target to be all about the former. For $45 bucks …


  • Day One: News Years Day 2005

    Let there be groove, and there was groove.

    Well actually, there will have been uninterrupted groove all night long and into the morning at Paradise Lounge, as it’s essentially one party cut in two parts for easier digestion. he he

    Our official Day One party is simply a continuation of …


  • Raise Up: Friday, December 10th

    Raise Up

    In honor of UN Human Rights Day, Friday, December 10th Opel, Spundae, Fat Souls, and Mighty come together for a special benefit event to raise money for Next Aid.
    NextAid is a Los Angeles based non-profit organization dedicated to creating sustainable solutions for African children orphaned as a …


  • Global Warming is Real and it’s Happening- Thanks in Large Part to the USA

    Heatwave Study May Fuel Global Warming Lawsuits
    Thu Dec 2, 9:38 AM ET Science – Reuters
    By Alister Doyle, Environment Correspondent

    OSLO (Reuters) – A study of a 2003 heatwave in Europe may give Pacific islanders and environmentalists new ammunition for legal cases blaming the United States for global warming, …


  • More Scary Truth to Consider

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    Peak Oil, Stolen Elections, Energy Wars
    An Interview with Michael Ruppert

    by Tod Foley and Ronnie Pontiac, Newtopia

    Apocalyptic fantasy is the heritage it seems of everyone growing up in
    a monotheistic culture, and no one of us has avoided the stomach
    turning terror of wondering if the next turn …


  • The Thanks to You Party ~ Saturday, November 20th

    What a phenomenal year it’s been for us. (Not that it’s over…)
    This is a good time to give thanks and what better way to give thanks than to throw a free party? We thought so too.

    Opel presents the Thanks to You party!
    Giving thanks to you for an …


  • A Good Summary of why the voter fraud story in the 2004 election won’t die


    Written by Donna Knipp, New York, N.Y.

    It has been five days since the election.

    In that time, accounts of voter fraud and
    malfunctioning voting machines have flooded into
    local newspapers in Ohio, to public-interest groups,
    universities and weblogs.

    This message is an overview of those reports.The
    stories are summarized …


  • Just because you’re paranoid, don’t mean they’re not after you

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    Evidence of a Second Bush Coup?
    By Robert Parry
    November 6, 2004

    Theoretically at least, it is conceivable that sophisticated CIA-style computer hacking …