© 2004 mvgals.net We at Opel just want to thank all of San Francisco and all the people that came
from all over the country and the world to make America’s first Love Parade such
a phenomenal success. (See info on the 2006 event HERE)

With over 25,000 in attendance, it shattered all expecations. The floats were
awesome, the vibe was top notch, and people treated each other well. The float
Opel and Spundae did together went OFF! Our crowd during the parade itself was
one of the biggest and most enthusiastic out there. On the festival site it
got even more nuts as D:Fuse and Sandra played to packed crowds of stoked people
as we had to double secure the stacks from falling as the float was rocking
so hard!

© 2004 mvgals.net

© 2004 andrea / mvgals.net

© 2004 mvgals.net

And then of course, Infuse was amazing, with so much good music we didn’t know
what to do with ourselves, except squeeze it for all it was worth until the
wee hours of the morning and the sun came up over the water.

Thanks to Spundae the team that helped us with the float and the party people who made
it such an amazing day.

Just wait till next year…. oh boy….

Click for pics from the San Francisco Love Parade

Click for pics from the KMR after party