Saturday February 11th 2024

Opel’s Special Event – The ‘Deep Red’ Valentine’s party with a knotty twist, is back, in a new us venue with a Speakeasy vibe and lots of space to play.

You know this party. It’s special, where SF’s underground bondage, shibari artists & eros tinged performance artists meet the burning dance music underground, ala’ Opel’s community. A Deep House vibe with a premium on sultry groovy music, with a safe party environment for all to be their most colorful, hot, flirtatious and free, while keeping it classy. Still may be the best Valentine’s date option there is. 😉

Music With :

:: Syd Gris
Opulent Temple / Opel, San Francisco


:: DJ ICON ::
Opulent Temple


:: Kaatja


:: Alkemiss Erika
Fam Productions


Disco Donutz / Heavy Petting Zoo


Erotic tinged performances by Twisted Windows & More, TBA
A great event to bust out your corsets, leather, velvet, classical touches, amazing hats, personal flogger, and collars, sometimes all at once!
Full libation options and dance floor offerings. Certainly playful, but *not* a play party. As said, we’re going for a safe environment for you conscious party people and a more curated invite list. Skirt the edge in this edgy environment as much as you wish, but keep it classy. See the pics of past events to catch the flavor.
:: Shibari / Burlesque / Side Shows / Eye Candy
Roaming Vignettes, Spectacle
9:00pm-3:00am +


Bars are cash or card
-Yes – there is a coat check


Suggested Threads – no dress code, but this is a good party to dress it up, or down with class, as it were. Think velvet, leather, lace, corsets, versatile lingerie, vinyl, pleather, steampunk, dom & sub, etc.


See the pics of past events to catch the flavor.


Consent is everything. Any creepers or lemons will be promptly told to leave.