Saturday, February 13th
Pre-sale tickets available here:
Opel presents: Deep Red ~ Valentine’s Edition
A unique Valentine’s offering to better meet your discerning fun standards.
Please join us on the 4th Floor of the Armory for this special edition private party. A great V Day option for all persuasions, make it your alternative date scenario, your after party to the dinner date, your singles adventure or just your excellent party with great music, vibe and sexy people.
The 4th Floor of the HQ has a sumptuous Edwardian bordello vibe that whispers you to come in. It will be a a deep house vibe in deep red and black colors. We ask you to dress it up for this one so get your creative threads to match the aesthetic up there. Black and red velvets, silks, corsets, lace, leather, pleather, vinyl, lingerie, steampunk, and the like. Uniquely dress to impress, sultry but suave and creative. We’re confident you know what to do.
Full bar and dance floor offerings. Certainly playful, but *not* a play party. We want a totally safe environment for you conscious party people and a hand picked invite list. Keep it classy, but as skirting the edge in this edgy environ as you wish. (But sorry, no nudity). See the pics linked below to catch the vibe flavor.
Dance With:
: Syd Gris (Opel / Opulent Temple)
: Kimba Rose (Opel / Posion Primise)
: Alvaro Bravo (Dusty Rhino)
: Alastair (Perception, D_rty Business)
: Leyl Master Black (dEOxidized)
& more TBA.
Live Bondage Demos and Eye Candy by talent TBA.
Entry without a pre-sale only if you’re accompanied by someone who does, or you’ve contacted us beforehand, or we otherwise know you. (ie – no randoms will be allowed in, please plan ahead and tell your friends to do the same)
Pre-sale tickets available here:
Email or for the PASSWORD!
**Sorry for the slightly higher ticket price on this. It’s a plush and beautiful room with high costs to rent. You’ll see it’s well worth it when you arrive.
Erotic tinged performances throughout the night. Light bondage demos, curious performance, slightly drunken piano players and other characters in action who dwell on the bohemian fringes of the 4th Floor.
To catch the flavor of last year’s fine affair on V-Night, see the pics:

Sample of the Deep Red music vibe:
**Access to the 4th Floor is stairs only. No elevators.**
This is a closed invite list but we know you have excellent friends who should be there. Message Syd Gris or Kimba Rose if you’d like someone invited and we can add them.
Or use e mail: syd@opelproductions or
Looking forward to one of those only in SF gatherings we co-create together.