Saturday, March 1, 2014

119 Utah @  15th
A dynamic dozen of fun filled years, from small warehouses on the outer fringes to the cities best clubs, from street parties to grand affairs at unique venues. We’re honored and stoked to still be here rocking it with you, with our goal intact of parties with a premium on the music, the vibe, and the people.
This year featuring a rare and special treat from 2 tech funk pioneers, doing a 3 hour tag set, B2B

Elite Force
Stereophoenix, UK
(Meat Katie had to cancel because of a health issue, see announcement below)
Syd Gris
(Opel/Opulent Temple)
(Opel / Homebreakin’ Records)
(Opel / Delta Nine)
Alain Octavo
– DJ Denise
(Mizumo Music)
– Andy P
(Awakening SF / Epic)
DJ Dane
(Dusty Rhino)
A.M. Rebel
(Heart Phoenix)
Silent Disco Outside hosted by Zero Db
Presales strongly encouraged.
Funky and a splash of color are always welcome
10pm – LATE ! 21+

Announcement from Meat Katie:  “Im really sad to announce I will be unable to play @ The Opel 12 year anniversary show at Mighty SF this weekend, I have a blood clot in my lower left leg, at the moment it has not moved to a deep vein so it is not life threatening so the panic is off, I am taking a daily injection to thin the blood, and with a bit of luck it should be sorted out relatively quickly, however a 12hr flight to San Francisco right now is simply out the question, I’m sure you all can understand my health comes first.

As you will all know the Opel/Opulent Temple crew are very much my family when it comes to the USA in general so I am gutted I am not going to be there for this 12yr landmark show with my friends, but I’m sure my partner in crime Elite Force will tear the club a new one
I will talk to my man Syd Gris about doing a make up show in SF in the very near future!”