FRIDAY, November 22, 2013
Mighty SF
If you thought Aphrodite killed it at Public Works on the Funktion One system back in April we think you’ll be even more blown away on Mighty’s new EAW system in November! What a way to start the Holiday season right!!

DJ Aphrodite
-Jamal + Audio Angel
(Commercial Suicide / Compression / Stamina / BadDNB)
-Chris The Junglist
-vs DJ Audio 1
(Murda in America / Junglist Agenda)
(Opel / Delta Nine)
-micah j
(For the Love of Breaks / The Neuroweapon)
-Kirin Rider
(Ananatic / Perfect Driver)
(Atomic Zoo Recordings)
Presales STRONGLY encouraged.
10pm – LATE