Opel presents Infuse : The Return (to Mission Rock)

w/ Uberzone & Bassbin Twins

We all know parties are a dime a dozen in this town with so many fun options. There are few parties like this that we’re prepared to give to you.
22 dj’s over 10 hours in 4 areas that have been transformed for your dancing and chilling pleasure. The best local faire in breaks, house, electro, progressive, techno, trance, and chill. Double headline action with Uberzone tagging w/ the Bassbin Twins. Free breakfast, belly dance, a truly opulent chill area with mats, furs, pillows, etc., a sunrise together, a community gathering of the good, the funky and the beautiful.
We don’t want you to miss this rare gem of a gathering.
Tix are $20 at the door before 11:00pm, $25 after and as you can see, it will be worth every penny.
Really hope to see you in all your color.

On Line Pre-sales HERE.
“I love the concept of the man-machine writing process, but one thing I realized while making this record is that there’s a spirituality in human collaboration. As much as I enjoy working in the studio alone, having another input helps bring out new ideas… Speaking in terms of lateral thinking, it helped burn a few new neural pathways.” Q
Uberzone is the brainchild of southern California native Q (named after the “gizmo” -loving James Bond character). Like his namesake, Q is a die-hard collector of all things electronic, and has been collecting electronic-music gear since his early teens.
His early singles, “Botz” and “The Freaks”, released on taste-maker indie dance label City of Angels, were critically acclaimed club tracks that established Q as one of the leading American producers of breakbeat music. These singles were charted consistently by DJs like Florida’s DJ Icey and the UK’s Adam Freeland, among others. His remixes of Sarah McLachlan, The Crystal Method and BT also established him as one of the biggest names in the American dance scene. Spin Magazine named Uberzone as one of the six producers to create “the biggest beats ever.”
Q does have Faith in the Future. “Sometime during my life I turned from a pessimist into an optimist. Faith in the Future ties into technology, electronic music and my lasting desire to live in the Jetson Age.” Perhaps that’s why Uberzone’s debut album, “Faith in the Future” has a feeling to it unlike any other electronic album. It recalls influences from quirky sci-fantasy film soundtracks to “Planet Rock” to dream-pop to the energetic, future breaks that Uberzone has created in ways no one else can approach.
Bassbin Twins
Bassbin Twins have been releasing records in the underground dance music scene since 1992 including their own Bassbin Twins Volume series, ep’s for labels like Skint and Southern Fried, SSR, Marine Parade, Mute, Spider Cuts, and numerous remixes for artists including Boogie Down Productions, Evil 9, DJ Punk Roc, Dub Pistols, Freakpower, etc.
The Bassbin Twins live set is an anything goes mix bringing in broken beats both old and new school, jacking tech house, electro, and funky drum and bass all put through the Bassbin blender and mashed in the name of up for it party music.
The Bassbin Twins live set aims to be fun, unpredictable, and one of the guaranteed highlights of any event.