Unfiltered Breakz (& Beyond)
w/ Mephisto Odyssey

For our friends and your friends, let your tech funk flag fly high (thus the beyond addition to the name of this party.) This party is our low stress, high fun way of being where we are with our music right now this second, if you know what I mean….
Featuring local producers making some sick music right now!
Mephisto Odyssey (Nexus Artists, Groove Quest, N-mity, Mantra Breaks),
Dex Stakker (Opel / Pronoia)
Smoove (djsmoove.net)
Deckard (Coda / Nexus 6).
Only $5 all night.
At Shine, 1337 Mission St. @ 9th, SF, 21 +.
Mephisto Odyssey were the very first electronic act granted legal permission to do a remix of a Jane’s Addiction single, “So What?” and have also remixed songs by Static-X. Mephisto Odyssey was formed by San Francisco bay area musician / producer / sound engineers Mikael Johnston and Orpheos Dejournette in 1993. During the 1990s they gained the reputation of being eclectic, pivotal in defining the nascent San Francisco house sound (SF Weekly Sept. 6, 2000). While signed to Warner Bros. from 1998 to 2002 Johnston and Dejournette, along with their long time friend and collaborator Barrie Eves expanded into the realm of engineering, producing and remixing. While at Warner they worked with various artists sharing the roster. They co-wrote the single “Crash” with Platinum recording artist “Static-X” and appeared in the video, which aired on MTV and a Humble Brothers Remix version is featured on the soundtrack of Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. They also did remixes for Los Amigos Invisibles, Static-X and Soul Coughing among others. Arguably their greatest success during the Warner days was their work as a co-producers, engineers and remixers for the Jane’s Addiction maxi single “So What”. The single charted in the Billboard maxi singles chart for 6 weeks.