Opel, Spundae, & Satellite SF presents Deadmau5 ‘s SF debut

Found lurking in the Creative laboratory known as the ‘deadmau5 disco den of despair and inequity’ this creative genius runs the gamut of beats unlike any other. Since his inception deadmau5 (mau5trap, division one, Toronto, Canada) has stormed our planet with chart topping action and playlists from the best of the best. His relentless music making and remixing has seen Beatport attacked like never before, with Deadmau5 having 5 out of the top 10 selling tunes on the worldwide site in the week of Aug 25th 2007! Add this to a consistent release schedule and a huge interest in seeing him gig and quite simply we have the biggest find of 2007.

$15 discounted pre-saleHERE.