The return of Infuse: Elite Intentions
~ w. Elite Force

Directed intention is the first step towards change. Perhaps we might think about where ours is going?

We want to make this one easy on everyone,
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The long-awaited artist album from the hugely innovative Elite Force is upon us – and it was certainly worth the wait. Released on quality imprint Adrift Records, “Modern:Primitive” sits comfortably beside eclectic and daring releases from label mates Chicken Lips, Meat Katie, Milke and Lee Coombs.
Whether as front-man for electronic-punk outfit Lunatic Calm, film/videogame-music producer extraordinaire, adored DJ (if you’ve seen this man shake a place to it’s foundations, you’ll know why) or dance floor producer, Elite Force (AKA Shack) is a name synonymous with quality.
He cut his teeth as a DJ at Exeter University (alongside the rather exclusive group of Frank Tope, Felix Buxton and Thom Yorke), where his weekly 5-hour sets were the ideal breeding ground for his unique sense of eclecticism. His reluctance to play the “scene” game, however, has meant that he has been like an undiscovered gem to many of his fans (Laurent Garnier, Paul Woolford and James Zabiela to name just a few).
Shying away from self-promotion and investing all of his time into his music has meant that he’s flown under many-a-radar, but his most recent devotion to the studio has resulted in what will truly be a landmark album that will touch many, many people.
Slipping into the album with the vocodered vocals of the title track before the hooky groove of “Coming Back for More” takes hold, it is swiftly apparent that