That was fun. What a fantastic night we created together. It was what it was designed to be: one for the ages, a cut above, and a show case for what Opel is trying to create and how you help make it happen by showing up in full color.
Thank you!
We had DJ’s who were models who would mix in a record and then walk the cat walk, we had stunning diverse designs from Green Girl, Viajay, Silver Lucy, Miranda Caroligne, and the Missing Piece Designers : featuring Leora, Bodhi Cole, & Sari Pace, as well as adornments by the Fringe Salon. We had death defying acrobatics and visual eye candy from the Vau De Vire Society, sweet belly dance by Elizabeth Strong, and an erotic tinged tea ceremony by Bast.
Check some excellent pics of all this on MV HERE
Special thanks as well to the DJ’s who provided our sound trak for the night both main room and upstairs. We are blessed to have such great talent and music in our lives and we’ll keep bringing it as long as you keep coming.
Check the party pics HERE
As hopefully you know by now, we are trying to do more than just throw phat parties. We are using the events also as a medium to spread a message that the only chance we have to turn things around from the dire direction they are heading is for all of us to take individual responsibility to act in the areas that we can have an effect, great or small. That we can not wait around for someone else to make it right, we are someone else. And, that that effort must accompany individual work on ourselves to be an effective instrument of change. Our success in this effort depends on your support in the myriad of events we do, so deep thanks from Opel for the past 4 years and hopefully the next 4 and beyond.
Fuck Shit Up.