For our next special event, one of our biggest parties of the year, we are donating a portion of the proceeds to Next Aid. They are a great organization helping children in Africa who’ve been orphaned by the AIDS epidemic.

We wanted you to know about their Mission, read below and check their website.
NextAid is a Los Angeles based non-profit organization dedicated to creating sustainable solutions for African children orphaned as a result of AIDS. NextAid actively links artists, musicians and the global community with some of the most impoverished and vulnerable children on the planet. By partnering with various organizations in the production of music events and other awareness raising activities, NextAid channels emergency and long-term aid to African children in need.
NextAid is committed to represent the international dance community in its effective and practical response to the AIDS pandemic.
NextAid aims to inspire people into tangible action, taking responsibility and making a difference. We believe it is each generation’s responsibility to create a better future for the next.
Within a single generation AIDS has reached pandemic proportions globally. There are now over 40 million people living with AIDS. Of the 13.2 million children who have been left behind in the wake of AIDS, 95% are in Africa alone, and every 14 seconds another child is faced with losing his or her parent and taking on adult responsibilities because of AIDS.
We are dealing with the greatest health crisis in history. The effect of AIDS is felt in every thread of society and the array of social problems are numerous and complex. Far and away, the most tragic loss is the transfer of knowledge from one generation to the next. With adults dying prematurely, children are forced into early adulthood without the guidance they need to survive. The playful and carefree innocence of youth is lost as increased demands for their labor is compounded by reduced opportunities for education, loss of inheritance, homelessness, discrimination, physical abuse, sexual abuse and widespread prostitution (which in turn exposes them to HIV).
Gather resources for projects which help mitigate the impact of AIDS. We create grassroots awareness of AIDS and its global impact.
NextAid works hand-in-hand with environmentalists to create sustainable solutions for our two greatest global challenges: the destruction of our natural environment and the worldwide AIDS pandemic.
Form long term partnerships with:
– musicians, djs and promoters
– architects and village planners
– land and building developers
– AIDS activists
– environmentalists
– development consultants
– film makers and producers
– educators and institutions
– health workers
– childcare and social workers
– humanitarians
– philanthropic organizations
– community leaders
– graphic designers and artists
– and more