For the Love of the music, of the people, for peace and tolerance, and unity in diversity.
That’s Love Parade.

Thank God for Love!
In a time of war, what better thing to celebrate than love? With so much strife, suffering, and acrimony in our nation and in our world, a parade to celebrate love, music, diversity, tolerance, etc. sounds like just what the Dr. ordered. And Opel, who exist in part to bring a value on consciousness to parties, will be showing up strong once again.
We’re proud to team up with our sonic brothers at Qool to bring One Love, Many Beats!
Lee Coombs (Thrust, Fingerlickin’, Perfecto – UK)
Hyper (Kilowatt, Hope, Thrive – UK)
Evil 9 (Marine Parade, – UK)
Spesh (Qool, Looq Records, Bedrock)
Syd Gris (Opel, Opulent Temple)
Momu (featuring Mark Mussleman) (Bedrock, Looq)
Hoj (Opel,
Melyss (Opel, Sister SF)
Hyper D (Qool)
Jive (Garage Mahal)
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Started in 1989 on former West Berlin’s main avenue Kurf