Welcome 2K5!

We want to say a HUGE thanks once again for another memorable night of communal dance floor bonding, elevation, silliness, funky elegance realized, and a thankful goodbye to 2K4 and a welcome hello to this year.

2004 was a rough year for a lot of people. At midnight we set our collective sights on making this a better year for all of us and everyone. Not just to leave behind a better legacy than we are inheriting, but to make positive change NOW, today, right here. We had a great crowd show up and celebrate the New Year. The DJ’s rocked it and Paradise Lounge was the perfect spot for an intimate and affordable high quality venture on a rainy night.

We want to say THANKS for ending our best year yet with a bang and a launch. Great things await thanks to you, the friendly groovers who make that top notch vibe be actualized every single party. We appreciate your support and the trust you put in us to deliver when it counts. And we do! As did you.

Well done!