Saturday, January 15th

Always interested in mixing it up, Opel brings you another edition of GABA MOOD: aka ‘the good trance party’.

In a town dominated by house and breaks, every once in a while we like to offer an alternative: a vibe based exploration into more progressive shades of music from some of the city’s best outside of the big club setting. This time GABA MOOD moves to Sublounge where we can offer a second room for a more straight powerful progressive sound in addition to the trancier shades the party is built around. Sublounge provides an intimate cozy setting for the community vibe and friendly atmosphere that we are known for.

Downstairs will be a seldom heard thin slice of quality progressive trance. It’s the trance that walks that line between the depth and the melody, the power and the pretty, the uplifting and the downright groovy.

No cheese, no over done anthems, not commercial trance, epic trance, or psychedelic trance, just the high energy transcendentally inclined good stuff…

Downstairs with:

Syd Gris (Opel / Opulent Temple) (12M- 2)

Cyber Joe (1015) (10:45pm-12M)

Upstairs will feature some of the cities best progressive DJ’s with:

Jonathan Ojeda (Sound AM / Spundae) 12M-1

Taj ( 1am-2am

Scottino(fugnuts) 10pm-11pm

Kem (Elastiq) 11pm-12M

Eddy Gordo (Brazil) 9pm-10pm

@ Sublounge

628 20th St. @ 3rd st.

SF, 21+ only

$5 before 11:00pm

$10 after

$7 for members of Opel Tribe that RSVP on Opel Tribe discussion board

More on this:

Opel trainspotters will notice we generally provide some breaks options at every party last year, especially our Sublounge gigs. Seeing as there’s breaks happening this Saturday at Mighty, Club 6, 26 Mix, Il Pirata and probably some I don’t know of, we thought it a good idea to go a different route for a little more musical variety. So… we’re very excited to be throwing our party once again for a thin slice of progressive trance. As all music has evolved, so has trance. A newer variation being called ‘tech trance’ is making waves with a new batch of producers walking that line we like just right, with deep moody basslines with angelic mid and high range melodies that still drives the body. That’s what I’ll be toying with, along with some darker grittier variations and of course some heart opening stuff in a Syd extended set downstairs that I’m quite serious about….