Night of the Living

An Underground Halloween bash.
w/ Lorin & the Heavyweight Dub Champions

So did I mention San Francisco’s favorite holiday has got to be Halloween? What better night to let your inner freak out in full color while surrounded by others doing the same thing? People show up and we at Opel absolutely support that kind of behavior. Squared, actually.

Because there’s so much fun to go around, and because we couldn’t decided exactly what kind of party we wanted to do, we are doing two! Both feature something special for you on this special night.

Night of the Living will feature not just big bassy beautiful breaks from the Bassnectar himself, Lorin, but also a 6 piece live act that is no joke. Heavyweight Dub Champion, heralding from Colorado, bring a massive amount of energy, talent, sound gear, and cutting edge beat driven reggae flavored dub with live MC’s, turntablist, programmers, and performance, including live guerrila theatre style painting and more. These guys are serious, and serious about making you move, and making you think. That’s right where we want it. Surrounded by nothing but more breaky and funky goodness as well with Adam Ohana (aka An*ten*ae) (Get Freaky) and Laird (LUSH / In Funk We Trust).

Upstairs we keep it deep with Scott Carrelli (Qool / Satellite), Kramer ( / Deep End), Reza ~aka Dirtyhertz (Looq / Pangea), and Checkoway (Fogdin)

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Of course we’ll be decking out the place in full Halloween regalia, with horrific visuals by On the Fly Films, a Day of the Dead Alter, fully loaded sound, and more tricks and treats. On the real!

Space is limited.

$15 discounted pre-sales tickets are no longer available,
but there will be plenty of tickets available at the door.

(When $15 discounted pre-sale tickets sells out, pre-sale tix still available
on-line for $20. Tix will be $22 at door while they last. If you don’t have a
pre-sale, you’ll have no problem getting in, but we recommend arrival before 11:30pm
or after 2:00am!) Some pre-sale may still also be available at BPM Records on
Hayes @ Laguna.

Beats from the crypt:

featuring A.P.O.S.T.L.E., Stero Lion, Illnaughty, Totter
Todd, Resurrector, and Patch
performing Operation Raise the Dead- an interdimensional awakening ceremony
presented through 50 channels of live PA by the sonic shamanistic
alchemists, emcess, turntablist and live painting crew KING MOB


Adam Ohana

Adam Ohana
(aka An*ten*ae)
(LUSH / In Funk We Trust)

Progress from the grave:

Scott Carrelli

Scott Carrelli
(Qool / Satellite)


( / Deep End)
Reza aka dirtyhertz

Reza ~aka Dirtyhertz
(Looq / Pangea)
Brian Checkoway


Underground Location