The Opulent Temple is a Burning Man camp whose mission is to provide a space for
sacred dance under the vault of heaven this year at Burning Man 2004.

We are a collective of veterans and first timers, DJ’s, artists, dance-a-holics,
and nice people we’ve recruited along the way. We plan on providing one of the
most beautiful and welcoming camps to dance and chill at on the playa. Music
will be big beautiful sound and designed for all levels of groove. We will be
incorporating performance, ritual, and ceremony into every night’s events for
more than just a night of DJ’s. We will also be inviting a few special guests
to come hang out and throw down just for you….

To make it happen, we’re doing 2 big parties between now and the playa pilgrimmage.
This is one to make it actualized from vision to reality.

With 2 rooms of music including Lorin, Adam Ohana, Laird, Goldilox,
Smoove, Kramer, Jonathan Beech, Syd Gris
and way more, El
Circo sound
in an underground setting, it will also be an absolute Roof Raiser!

Located at the Gingerbread Warehouse
21+ only

This special gathering will feature art work you will see at our camp, a silent
auction, visuals, lights, and the whole she-BANG….

Pre-sales are $15 available ON LINE ONLY at [no longer available, but there are still plenty of tickets at the door]

We will limit capacity for everyone’s enjoyment, get a pre-sale or arrive early!

w/ DJ’s downstairs…

Lorin (bassnectar)

DJ Laird

Laird (Get Yer Freak On / Boombox)

Adam Ohana
Adam Ohana (an-ten-nae)


Ryel K

Ryel K

Goldilox (Brass


Tuhin Roy

Tuhin Roy (Red Melon


(Opel / Space Cowboys)

and upstairs…

Kramer (Arrival / Release)


Jonathan Beech
Jonathan Beech


Jeffrey Allen
Jeffrey Allen

Nathan Vain

Nathan Vain

Tyler Reed

Tyler Reed (Lost Tribe)

Brian Checkoway

Brian Checkoway (Fogdin)

Syd Gris

Syd Gris (Opel / Infuse)

We appreciate your support. The party will not only be rocking, but a great
way to support your future fun in the desert. We will deliver, and you will
be glad you helped make it all happen.