GABA MOOD is a new Opel venture, an experimental journey into deep non-cheesey but uplifting progressive trance in an underground setting.

Here’s the deal. What we call good trance was the gate way music for a lot of people into the dance music scene. In the late 90’s it split into progressive house and fluffy commercial crap. The best of that sound was kept alive in only a few DJ’s who remain some of the top DJ’s in the world today. But to hear that music, usually means being at a club with too many other people and too many lemons (aka vibe killers) to really enjoy the experience.
Opel is constantly pushing to provide a different kind of party than the many great ones SF has to offer. What we see is a lot of people who still really enjoy a thin slice of quality progressive trance, but with few outlets to go hear it that is actually a cool party. GABA MOOD is the answer.
On June 12 we are creating a one room, one vibe party in a seldom used underground space just off 8th St. South of Market that doubles as a large dance studio.
The music will maintain the depth of good progressive bass lines, but with the uplifting vocals and sounds that make good trance emotionally moving like no other music can offer. As has been said of Opel, we are sensitive to tasteless crap, and you won’t find constant rolling build ups and break downs but steady stomping driving pretty music that will electrify the dance floor for a particular kind of peak experience.
Taj ( / Spundae)
Reza ~aka Dirty Hertz~ (Dorigen / Pangea / Looq)
Syd Gris (Opel / Infuse)
Faux Q (Platform)
Brian Checkoway (Fogdin)
Sound by Deep Blue
Ambience by Rumpus Room Lighting
This is a rarely used underground location / dance studio located at
19 Heron off 8th street, between Harrison and Folsom.
There will be no flyer, this is straight word of mouth. Please help spread the word!
$5 before 11:00pm, $10 after