It’s hard to summarize what the night was like.

Except maybe WOW, but that doesn’t capture the scope, or the
vibe. The goal of bringing people together from the many different tribes we
share and creating some magic on the dance floor was actualized. It was a really,
really special night, and we at Opel are in deep gratitude to you for Showing
Up on Saturday and bringing it. Well done!

I was walking around upstairs when M3 was rocking it and I over heard someone
say, "this is the best room." I walked downstairs where Laird had
the room jumping and one of the DJ’s who played earlier in there says, "this
is the best room going off right now." I walked out on the deck, where
you could literally feel the wood underneath your feet bouncing up and down
with the dancers while Spesh was playing to a packed dance floor, and one of
my friends tells me, "dude this room is going off right now!" I walk
into the chill space and a throng of people are looking mesmerized at 2 gorgeous
belly dancers undulating in front of them…

And so it was, until the sun rose to a still packed wooden deck, orange hues
and smiles…

Read on!

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped create a beautiful space, helped clean
it up, and everything that happened in the middle. Thanks to the DJ’s for bringing
their best. Special thanks from me to those who danced with me while I played
at sun rise. It was an honor to spend it with you. We went out with a bang from
Mission Rock, and it had to be that way!

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Hope to see you soon…