Saturday, May 15th

Final Misson at KMR. Relax, it’s just a party… NOT. This is an EVENT! Infuse is a gathering designed to be a party infused with consciousness.

We are tired of a world without substance, in which nothing is sacred and the vast majority of vehicles of entertainment are done without any regard for the raising of the consciousness of its participants. The so called reality TV world where the surface features of money, power, and beauty are worshiped as the alter of happiness. And yet we know those things are ultimately empty. They pass like clouds in the night, and what lasts is the love and connections we’ve forged in our life.

A Tribal Odyssey in intended to be a space to forge, celebrate, and build those connections with like minded groovers who want something more from life than the accumulation of stuff. Infuse will also unite the tribes of the underground in an over ground setting to celebrate our collective need to dance our asses off surrounded by cool peeps of inner freaky nature and excellent dancing shoes.

A place for sacred dance and getting funky, with multiple environments to play in, chill in, soak up and enjoy. Dancing on the water’s edge below the stars, watching the sun rise with your friends around you smiling. Those rare peak experiences where there is nothing else, nothing left but the Now you are always chasing like a cat chasing it’s tail….

This is a night to see old friends and make new ones, to co-create a party the likes of which will never be seen again in this form.

Pre-sale are $20 and are recommended. We will limit capacity. Pre-sale tickets are available at the following outlets:

IMPORTANT: This is an Opel
special event not to be seen the likes of again in this form. We really want
to do everything we can to ensure the best possible vibe at our last party at
Mission Rock. To do so, we’d like it to be filled with people that come knowing
the spirit and intention of the event (thus I blab and blab above). There will
be no entrance before 2:00am without a pre-sale ticket or an
invitation. An invitation is the event flyer, or an e mail print out from Opel
or one of the participating DJs, or even this web page. To make this work, we ask for your cooperation
in spreading the word to your friends. We won’t be turning away obviously friendly
and cool peeps from our communities, especailly if they’re dressed like freaks,
but please make it easy on us and get a pre-sale! Mission Rock does mostly hip hop parties and we want to be able to turn away randoms / lemons / vibe killers. Tix will be slightly more
at the door if available to even out the pre-sale service charge, and will of
course go down as the night goes on.

Infuse : A Tribal Odyssey will feature

  • 10+hours of music, in 4 areas transformed for sacred dance and getting
  • Performance art and light dancing by Infinite Kaos
  • Tribal Belly dancing by Olu and more
  • Multiple Visuals installations by On the Fly Films
  • Our famous opulent chill palace with mats, furs, pillows, massage,
    alters, etc.
  • FREE breakfast served at 5am
  • Bar re-opens at 6am
  • Sun rise set on the wooden deck with Syd Gris + special guest.
  • KMR Memory Board
  • Free sticker photo booth
  • the electricity that comes from doing it for the last time….

With dj lineup inside downstairs (breaks)…

DJ Laird

Laird (Get Yer Freak On / Boombox)


Tung (Brass Tax )


(Opel / Space Cowboys)


Ben Chun (False Profit)


IKarus (Infinite Kaos )

Plus in the main room (house)…

Ellen Feratto

Ellen Feratto
(Sugar, 2nd Sunday)

M3 (aka Manny)

M3 (Green Gorilla)


Fred Funk

Fred Funk (Brass Tax)



Melyss (Sister SF, Mayonnaise)

DJ’s Outside (progressive)…


Dragn’fly (Shaolin / Lovetribe)

Jonathan Ojeda
Jonathan Ojeda (Spundae, Sound A.M.)
Hoj (Opel /
Syd Gris

Syd Gris (Opel / Infuse)


Spesh (Qool / Bedrock / Spundae)

And wooden deck (chill)…


Mx.D (Bass City Rollers, Tranquility)

Zack Darling

Zack Darling (Decadance)


Damien (The Community / Connexus)

Tim Pratt

Tim Pratt (Opel / Garage Mahal)


Swami (Raise the Frequency)



and special bellydance performances by…