Kelly’s Mission Rock has been under attack from two neighbors down the street for a few years now but things have escalated and gotten bad for Mission Rock’s ability to continue to host late night events.

Thanks to your letters, the Entertainment Commission, and others involved, it looks like we’ve helped save the day. Well done!! More updates coming as I know them…
Through persistent complaining to the city attorney, these 2 individuals have gotten the city to start denying them sound permits to have sound on their outside decks. In addition, they are being asked to comply with a number of demands that are unreasonable to the point it’s clear that the real goal is to shut down their ability to host late night events at all. Mission Rock has been bending over backwards to comply with the requests of the local police, who have been happy with their response. The efforts of the neighbors has the potential to deny thousands of dance patrons a place to dance in the unique environement Mission Rock offers.
Please take a quick moment to write a latter to the city attorney in support of Mission Rock. It has the potential to make a difference. In addition to supporting Mission Rock, you’re supporting Opel’s party that is scheduled for May 15th, with 4 rooms of music booked! You can write a letter to the city attorney, the Port Authority, and the Entertainment Commission who is involved trying to help out.
*Rose Ellen (City Attorney)-
~Jeffrey Bauer (Port of San Francisco)-
~Jocelyn Kane (Entertainment Commission)-

It can be brief!! Some suggestions in terms of content is below. I have written an easy sample for you to copy and elaborate on to make it super easy for you!!! See below this list for sample or put one together yourself. Your 5 minutes could means hours of potential fun hanging in the balance.
Please cc: on all e mails so they can document
1. Your name
2. State what Mission Rock is to you… Are you a promoter? A dj? A customer? An employee? Etc…
3. How does Mission Rock affect you directly, and how would it affect you if Mission Rock was shut down?
4. How would it affect you if we could no longer have any outdoor sound systems/ outdoor dancing?
5. Do you feel Mission Rock benefits or contributes to the (your) community in a positive way? If so how?
6. What differentiates Mission Rock from other night clubs? Why does it matter so much if this particular club was shut down?
7. Have you seen any positive changes regarding the streets outside of Mission Rock in the past couple of months? Do you feel we have done our part for the neighbors & SFPD?
8. Do you feel your opinion should be heard on this subject? Do you feel you have just as much of a right to be heard as the neighbors of Mission Rock.
9. Narrative- Many of you say that Mission Rock is “home”. Let these people know that this place means something to you.
Here is the email address to send this to:
*Most important:
*Rose Ellen (City Attorney)-
~Jeffrey Bauer (Port of San Francisco)-
~Jocelyn Kane (Entertainment Commission)
Of course, you do not need to write four separate letters, just send the same one to all of them. Once again thank you all so much!
To Whom it May Concern:
I have been a patron at Kelly’s Mission Rock dance events for many years. It has a unique place in the city’s options for entertainment with it’s outdoor sound, waterfront location, and multiple areas to enjoy. There is no place like it in the city.
I have found them to professional, safe, and responsive to the needs of their patrons and the community. They have participated with promoters throwing benefit events that have helped local and national charites such as Green Peace, the Bay Area Girls Center, and a number of artistic communities that bring vitality to the city. I have recently heard they have been denied the ability to have outdoor sound. This essentially kills the ability of Mission Rock to have late night events, and deprives thousands of potential patrons a place to go with the unique qualities of the venue. It will cost the business of the venue, and the city of thousands of dollars in tax money. It will also reduce the cultural capital of the city, something that is one of our most precious resources.
I know they work hard to be a responsible partner in the neighborhood. I implore you to allow them to continue their ability to have outdoor sound without unreasonable restrictions and conditions. I also vote.
Thank you for your time,