WOW. Were you there? Then you know.
You know that the vibe at Infuse lifted up a veil of fog over our collective eyes and truly was a journey through body, mind, soul, and dancing shoes. The dance floors were absolutely rockin, the faces were smiling, and the midnight ceremony was very powerful.

Read on….

Julia Butterfly spoke to the moment, reminding us how easy it is to hate, complain, destroy, etc. That we alreay make a difference, and we must choose wisely what kind of difference that will be.

So true!
Special thank to Julia for coming to this unorthodox speaking engagement and getting it so quickly what Opel is working to achieve party to party. Making consciousness cool. Whooo. It’s true, it’s what we need to slip in truth under the watchful eyes of the market forces, always trying to keep us dumb so we will keep buying things. Edutainment.

All the DJ’s rocked it in their own way, and we thank them too! Most of all thanks to all of you that came and showed what is possible with a party. We couldn’t do it without you ! Hope to see you at more events, showing the world that there are lots of people out there who want more than the lowest common denominator of mind-set in their gatherings. Word! I do want to apologize for the fact that at peak hours it felt pretty tight in there. We did not intend to over sell the party, but were unable to get Paradise Lounge to open up their nice big VIP room, a sweet room that would have opened things up. Nice to know so many of you are into what we’re doing! Next time we go big will be at a bigger space, Mission Rock on May 15th.

Click for pictures from the Opel 2 year Anniversary Party @ the Paradise Lounge
click for pictures from the 2 year anniversary party