On Saturday, February 28th, Opel

brings together a special 2 Year Anniversary celebration with Lorin, Cheb i Sabahh & special guest Julia Butterfly Hill
party recap
celebrates 2 years of our efforts to bring some soul, activism, and intention into SF clubbing culture. To do that, we’ve got an eclectic line up for all varieties of dancing tastes, and a very special appearance during our midnight ceremony by Julia Butterfly Hill. For those that don’t know, Julia is the activist who lived atop ‘Luna’, an ancient redwood tree, to save it and others from clear cutting and raise awareness about environmental issues.

She is a symbol of bravery in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, and
a great example of something we remind people of all the time:

You can (and MUST considering the state of the world), make a difference in
your community and the world.

Infuse: A Journey Through the Chakras is designed therefore to speak
to and awaken each part of you, for an experience of body, mind,
soul, community, inspiration, and more.

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Cheb i Sabbah

Cheb i Sabbah (six
degrees records



Dano (Red



Lorin (bassnectar)


Galen (Sunset / Pacific Sound)


Scott Carrelli

Scott Carrelli (Qool
/ Satellite)


Kramer (Arrival / Release)


Damien (The Community / Connexus)

+ more

Special appearance during midnight ceremony by Julia
Butterfly Hill

Pre-sale tickets are sold out, but tickets are still available at the door. Please arrive early. See you on the dance floor.

(click on back of flyer for details.)

The Vision:

Our 2 year anniversary party is our attempt at taking conscious clubbing
to the clubs to the next level.

Many of you know we have a greater purpose than just throwing good parties,
there’s plenty of those in SF. We’re looking to do our small part to help
awaken, inspire, and allow a space for nourishment of the
soul through music and dance infused with both the sacred and the funky, the beautiful, and the gritty.

When these things happen, the world is a better place, and there’s one
more drop of water in the growing tide of people who are looking for more
from life than making money and owning lots of things.

With the impending global crisis of climate change, over population,
resource depletion, etc. the world needs consciousness like never before,
so it’s our mission to do our part to shed light where there is darkenss.

To do this, we need your help! You bring the light to the party;
an energy that’s bigger than the sum of it’s parts. We find
it a sad state of affairs that the most populated parties in town are
usually those with the greatest per capita of unconsciouness.

We know there are those of you out there looking for something better,
deeper, and more meaningful. This is it, done in a setting that also allows us
to reach those who could use a nice tidal wave of good vibes to show them
there is more out there than what pop culture throws at us.

This is an important part of why we chose to do this in a club on 11th
St. We know we will get the walk ups who may be clueless to what intentional
dance is. That’s OK. They need the inspiration more than many of you who
may be reading this.

If all you do is underground parties with all the cool people who "get
it", in my opinion you are preaching to the choir and not effecting
real change. Real change happens when you stand in the fire a little bit,
and deal with the challenges of the masses.

The road to change must go through them, so please come be part of the
solution, there’s magic just waiting to happen on the dance floor….

Click for pictures from the Opel 2 year Anniversary Party @ the Paradise Lounge
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