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San Francisco is a town where you can see an out of town headliner in multiple clubs on any given night. And yet, there is a burgeoning cast of local talent who in any other place would be super stars.

They are out there every week getting new music, rocking underground parties, and playing outside the lines cause they have no other goal except to rock the dance floor.

On February 13th, Spundae and Opel
team up for a party called Localized, to bring these hungry young DJ’s to one of the biggest sound systems in the world, on the main room of 1015.

With discounted cover and a broad range of music, it’s sure to be a fresh night out to hear the sounds of the future.

Localized: Friday, 2.13.04
FREE before midnight with RSVP
(RSVP information will be emailed
to the mailing list

or $10 pre-sale

Featuring in the Main Room:

DJ Laird
Laird (Psychofunkodiscodelic)

Felix the Dog
Felix the Dog (Groundscore)


Goldilox (Brass Tax)


Tuhin Roy
Tuhin Roy (Red Melon

Tyler Reed
Tyler Reed (Lost Tribe)

Click for pictures from the 'Localized' party @ 1015 Folsom
click for pictures from this event