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  • Adam Freeland (DJ set) at Mezz : Friday, July 10th

    Opel presents
    Adam Freeland (dj set) :: Friday, June 10th.

    Adam’s been moving and shaking and rocking out as usual. Fresh off his acclaimed full length artist album Cope, and a tour with his Freeland Live band to sold out shows across Europe and the States, we’re lucky enough to …


  • Infuse : Summer Solstice : Saturday, June 20th

    Opel presents Infuse : Summer Solstice:
    w/ Rennie Pilgrem & Elite Force

    Summer Time Rolls indeed. Saturday, June 20th. Opel presents Infuse: Summer Solstice @ Mission Rock. The longest day, the shortest night, so let’s stretch it out proper with another special 4 room, all night and into the …


  • Saturday, June 6th : The Gemini Bash

    The Gemini Bash: Fun in 2’s:
    w/ The Rogue Element

    Opel presents Fun in 2’s : the Gemini Bash. To herald our favorite zodiac sign and those fun loving Geminis, we’re throwing a flighty, flirty, airy, chatty, charming, celebration of twins and 2’s, with Gemini’s FREE all night, …


  • Friday: June 5th :: Lee Coombs at Ruby Skye

    Opel & Spundae presents

    Lee Coombs :: Friday, June 5th.

    Last September we did a show at Ruby Skye w/ Lee just to switch up the formula, and it turned out to be a fantastic night. We had an ‘open stage’ policy so all our friends could come up in …


  • The GOP: divorced from reality

    The GOP: divorced from reality
    By Bill Maher

    The Republican base is behaving like a guy who just got dumped by his wife.LA Times)

    If conservatives don’t want to be seen as bitter people who cling to their guns and religion and anti-immigrant sentiments, they should stop being …


  • Opel & Opulent Temple @ How Weird St. Faire

    Opel & Opulent Temple @ How Weird St. Faire

    Day & Night – Sunday, May 10th

    Sunday, May 10th. Opel & Opulent Temple @ How Weird. It’s weird, we’re there, day and night! One of the must be there on the fun calendar dates, we love How Weird. DAY: Opel …


  • Gina G Belly dance Production:

    Gina G Belly Dance Production :: Juke Joint Shimmy Shake

    Sunday Night, May 10th @ Mighty

    Opel core Gina G + Jill Parker presents a very special and intoxicating evening of bellydance, soul and blues in Juke Joint Shimmy Shake at Mighty on Sunday night, May 10th. In conjunction with …


  • Opel 7 Year Anniversary : Part 2 w/ The Stanton Warriors

    Opel 7 Year Anniversary :: Part 2

    Friday, May 1st @ Mezzanine w/ the Stanton Warriors & Fashion Show

    Friday – May 1st – :: Opel 7 Year Celebration, part 2 (!)

    In the second part of our 7 year celebration, we welcome one of the biggest names in break